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Artists’ Choice #3: Joko Anwar (director) lists his 10 Favorite Indonesian Movies

Joko Anwar is already an established filmmaker, both in his country, and internationally. He started his career in cinema as a film critic, continued as a script writer, while his directorial debut came in 2005, with “Joni’s Promise”. His next two films “Kala” and “Forbidden Door”, received rave reviews from critics, and screened in festivals all over the world. In 2012, he shot “Ritual” and in 2015 “Copy of my Mind” His latest film, “Satan’s Slaves” is now the highest grossing Indonesian horror film of all time, the highest grossing R-rated Indonesian film of all time and currently, in the Top 5 of Indonesian films of all time.

Here are his top ten Indonesian films, in random order.

1. Kejarlah Daku Kau Kutangkap

A black comedy about love relationship between a photographer and a bank teller.

2. Titian Serambut Dibelah Tujuh

A teacher finds gaffes in a village he visits. The village is religious

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