Candice Bergen "Is Living the Life She Always Dreamed of" at Age 72 (Exclusive)

Actress and former model Candice Bergen strode proudly onto the stage of NYC's Carnegie Hall, flanked by her Murphy Brown co-stars, at CBS' recent fall lineup announcement. "It's so great to have the gang back together," she said. "And to hear Americans cheering for a bunch of journalists." It's the kind of timely wisecrack Murphy often made on the hit 1988 to 1998 sitcom and will continue to make on the show's upcoming reboot. And like her character, Candice always tells it like it is. While recently addressing her youthful good looks, she told People that, "People who don't have it think beauty is a blessing, but actually it sets you apart." And when it comes to her later-in-life weight gain, she wrote in her memoir, A Fine Romance, "I am fat. I live to eat." Murphy Brown...together again. Coming to your neighborhood TV in the fall. Just in time.

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