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80s Movies That Could Use the Cobra Kai Treatment

With Cobra Kai now available on YouTube Red, fans of 1980s films feel like we have been given a reprieve of sorts. Sure, the past is in the past, but Cobra Kai has shown us that the past is never really gone and, to quote William Faulkner, "It's not even past." Nothing could be more truer than in the sense of how Cobra Kai has reshaped and made us rethink The Karate Kid. And if, after all these years we can take a new perspective on that movie, than surely there are many more gems from the 1980s that could benefit from the Cobra Kai treatment.

This isn't as easy as it may seem however. Not every teen or adult film from the 1980s can or deserves the Cobra Kai treatment. If that were the case than a more scientific approach could be taken, and making these shows could be

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