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Masters Of Horror Rewatch: John Landis’ “Deer Woman”

The man who gave us cinema’s greatest werewolf now brings us a pretty lady with deer legs.

I love John Landis. I know not everyone shares this opinion. He has been controversial ever since his involvement in the Twilight Zone: The Movie accident that claimed the lives of his leading man, Vic Morrow, and co-stars Myca Dinh Le and Shin-Yi Chen, both of whom were children. It’s an impossible discussion to have in any kind of satisfying way here; there was an entire book written about it (Outrageous Conduct by Stephen Farber and Marc Green) and a lengthy court case at the end of which Landis was absolved of legal responsibility. Clearly it was still a tragedy, and clearly Landis shares in the blame for an accident that could have been avoided. I only bring it up here to provide some context for Landis’ career and to let you,

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