Film Review: Bamy (2017) by Jun Tanaka

With a minuscule budget of 700,000 Jpy, Jun Tanaka attempts to present a new take on the ghost (horror) story genre. The film premiered at Osaka Asian Film Festival, on March.

Bamy is screening at Nippon Connection

The introductory scene immediately sets the rather unusual tone of the film. Fumiko Tashiro is going up on an exterior elevator, when she witnesses a red umbrella flying outside the skyscraper she ascends. Some moments later, she is leaving the building and the same umbrella crashes in front of her on the street. The event alarms her and a passerby, who turns out to be an old acquaintance from college, Ryota Saeki. The story then flashes forward a year later, when the two of them are engaged, and have started living together. However, Ryota has been hiding a secret from her all this time: he has the ability to see ghosts, in a trait

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