Film Review: Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops (2017) by Daigo Matsui

With mainstream movies increasingly reliant on CGI and green screen, indie cinema has to get more creative with its “special effects.” As a result, increasingly the media format can be as important and notable as the film itself; 2015’s “Tangerine” is as much known for it’s use of iPhones to shoot as much as its storyline. This idea is one that sticks in your mind when watching Daigo Matsui’s “Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops.”

Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops is screening at Nippon Connection

Six teenagers are rehearsing for a small town production of British playwright Simon Stephen’s “Morning” – infamous for being “Shocking and savage.” As such, the director asks the young cast to bring out themselves in their performances, not focusing too much on the story. This proves a struggle for some of the actors, and the director and producer let their thoughts be known.

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