Everything You Need to Know About Gregory Chase on General Hospital

Finn and Chase’s lives are about to get a whole lot more interesting because James Read is back on General Hospital as their father, Gregory Chase. The actor made his his debut in the episode that aired on June 6. “Great news for Gh!” tweeted Wally Kurth (Ned) when the news broke. “James is a true talent. Looking forward to seeing him around PC!” While Read's first appearance was just for that one episode, Gregory is back for more, and this time in Port Charles to visit his sons starting on Friday, Sept. 21. Finn was surprised to run into his father while in California with Anna. Gregory attempted to apologize for the rift that had come between then, but Finn couldn’t get over the fact that he felt his dad had moved on too quickly with Chase’s mom after his wife had died. Gregory wanted to try and

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