James Gunn Shares Awesome Guardians Of The Galaxy Throwback Photo

Director James Gunn has shared an image on his Instagram account this week from production on the first Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014.

The snap shows Chris Pratt in his Star-Lord garb alongside supporting player Christopher Fairbank, who played a Xandarian called the Broker in the beloved Marvel movie. Gunn jokingly described Fairbank as “the Best Eyebrows in the Business” in his caption.

In case you don’t remember him, the Broker appears in a couple of scenes in Guardians. He owned a high end trading store on the planet Xandar. Prior to the events of the movie, Yondu had made a deal with him to sell him the Orb. When Star-Lord went solo, though, he tried to sell it to the Broker himself. However, having learned that Ronan was also interested in the Orb, the Broker was too terrified to by it. He later appears again when Yondu’s attempting to tail Quill.

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