NoBudge: a one-man passion project

Kentucker Audley’s NoBudge site provides micro-budget directors with a platform where their work can be seen for free – as long as it meets with his approval

A confession: as much as I try to do my own research for this streaming column, every now and then my best tips come from other writers covering the same beat. And so it is this week that I doff my hat to Glenn Kenny, without whose excellent New York Times column I would never have come across NoBudge – one of the most singular streaming outlets on the block, and all the more worth investigating for being totally free.

As the demand for curated sites grows, none can claim to be more subjective than NoBudge, effectively the one-man passion project of the splendidly named Us actor and film-maker Kentucker Audley. A fixture at the scruffier end of American indie cinema, Audley is best

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