A first look at the Asian Selection of Slovakia’s Košice Art Film Fest 2018

The 26th edition of the oldest and biggest film festival will be held in the urban center of eastern Slovakia – Košice – from 15 to 23 June 2018.

Košice Art Film Fest’s primary goal is to present a compendium of contemporary world cinema in all its diversity of genres, themes and varieties, while also featuring classic and timeless pictures from throughout film history, emphasizing Slovak cinematic production.

The Festival intends to promote dialogue between professionals and the community, and to provide a unique venue for interaction between for international and local visitors. This inclusive project grants equal space for the screening of both professional and student work, as well as for talks and panel discussions on various topics.

Košice Art Film Fest is a a special treat for Asan movie fans as one whole section of the Festival called „Prísľuby Z Východu / Eastern Promises“ is entirely dedicated to the Cinema of East and Southeast Asia,

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