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Forbidden Films: The Hidden Legacy Of Nazi Film – The DVD Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

During the Nazi Regime’s reign over Germany and much of Europe, over 1,200 feature films were made. At least 100 of these films were blatant Nazi propaganda and, of those films, at least 40 of them are still kept from public viewing in Germany and Austria except under extraordinary circumstances.

These films include The Eternal Jew, an anti-Semitic documentary, The Rothschilds, which featured the Jewish Rothschilds family in a negative light, as well as Jew Sus, widely believed to be the most anti-Semitic film of all time, with director Veit Harlan actually standing trial for crimes against humanity after the war.

But 70 years on, do these films really retain the same impact as they did upon their initial release? Would people really take these films seriously? What impact might they have on children? These, and many other questions, are explored in this fascinating documentary about the Hitler-Goebbels propaganda film-making machine.

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