Glynn Edwards obituary

Actor best known for playing Dave, the long-suffering barman of the Winchester Club, in the TV series Minder

During a 1980 episode of the TV series Minder, the dodgy wheeler-dealer Arthur Daley (played by George Cole) walks into the Winchester Club. “’Allo Arthur,” says Dave the Barman (Glynn Edwards). “You’re early. I’ve only just opened.” “Who said you can never find one when you want one?” asks Daley. “Who is it who said you can never find one what?” replies Dave laboriously. “A copper. Gh Chesterton wannit? Or was it the Bard himself, George Bernard?”

This was typical of Edwards’s acting career – he was regularly on the receiving end of somebody else’s funny turn. And if he wasn’t playing straight man to Cole in Minder, Michael Crawford in Some Mothers Do ’Ave Em, or to such comedians as Harry Worth and Les Dawson, Edwards, who has

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