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On the road - to the Outer Hebrides by Richard Mowe - 2018-06-07 17:32:39

Two for the road: producer Grant Keir of Faction North and Virginia Heath looking forward to world première of Lift Share at Eiff Photo: Richard Mowe

Film festivals aren’t just about red carpets, parades of stellar talent, razzamatazz and glittering prizes but can act as a valuable showcase for short films that might otherwise languish virtually unseen and unappreciated.

Edinburgh International Film Festival offers what the curators collectively describe as “a thrilling showcase of the finest brand-new short films from across the globe” in various thematic sections - Dream Images, Optics, Resistant Bodies and for UK talent Firecracker and Kaleidoscope.

For director Virginia Heath and producer Grant Keir (of Faction North) the Eiff world premiere of Lift Share (in UK2: Kaleidoscope) marks the start of what they hope will be an attention-grabbing summer for the film with submissions to Locarno and Toronto to follow and who knows what else.

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