Here's What You Need to Know About Hereditary's Terrifying Breakout Star, Milly Shapiro

Image Source: Everett Collection

Hereditary is shaping up to be one of the scariest movies of 2018, if not the scariest. It brings together a slew of notable stars, including Australian actress and musician Toni Collette as mom Annie, known for her roles in The Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine. Ann Dowd, from The Handmaid's Tale, also has a pretty chilling spot on the cast. But if you're wondering about Milly Shapiro, the young actress whose performance as Charlie Graham is already wowing critics and her costars alike, then you're not alone.

Charlie joins a long line of creepy kids in horror movies whose inherent innocence makes them a draw for malevolent spirits, but Shapiro's background is as far from horror as can be. She got her start on Broadway, playing the titular character in Matilda the Musical, and this movie is her first major big-screen role.

Born in Tampa,

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