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‘Gtfo’ Expects Fine-Tuned ‘Destiny’ Raid Strategizing From Players

“Gtfo,” like the great four-player co-op shooters that came before it, is a game about failure. You and three friends take the guise of desperate prisoners in an unforgiving, dystopian world, and are sent down into the gloomy depths below the earth’s crust to retrieve a series of artifacts for an unnamed client known only as The Warden. As you might expect, those depths are rife with horrifically twisted “Amnesia”-esque ghoulies, who want nothing more than to wipe your party over, and over, and over again.

Get in, grab a macguffin, get out. It’s the basic formula that made “Left 4 Dead” and it’s sequel great, and it’s the same synopsis that 10 Chambers Collective lead designer Ulf Andersson employed on his previous two projects – the cultishly adored bank robbery sims “Payday” and “Payday 2.” “Maybe I just suck at deathmatches,” he laughs, when I ask him why

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