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‘Gotti’ Star John Travolta Needs Serious Help: Career Watch

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Thanks to strong recognition overseas, at 64 John Travolta still carries the clout that gets movies made. But this is not always a good thing: Travolta’s passion project, “Gotti,” debuted in Cannes but opened to $1.7 million amid derisive reviews (Tomatometer: 0%).

Bottom Line: After strutting out of Broadway and television into ’70s movie stardom, the Irish-Italian Travolta languished in the ’80s until Quentin Tarantino gave him his 1994 comeback as hitman Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction.” That movie returned Travolta’s swagger and while he hasn’t topped it, Travolta has surfed many career dips and swells without completely alienating his aging fan base. But “Gotti” may be the tipping point.

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Career Peaks: Born in Englewood,

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