One-Armed Swordsman & Legend of the Mountain

Guest reviewer Lee Broughton returns with coverage of two well-regarded wuxia films (period martial arts movies set in ancient China). One is an intense action flick from the Shaw Brothers Studio that places a heavy emphasis on bloody and gory depictions of swordplay. The second is a wuxia film with a difference: rather than fancy sword moves or flamboyant punching techniques, the mystical fighters attack each other with incantations and magical musical instruments.

One-Armed Swordsman

Region B Blu-ray

88 Films

1967 / Color / 2.35 / 111 min. / Du bei dao / Street Date, 26 March 2018 / £12.99

Starring: Yu Wang, Chiao Chiao, Ti Tang, Chih-Ching Yang, Feng Tien, Yin-Tze Pan, Feng Ku.

Cinematography: Yuan Chen San

Film Editor: Chiang Hsing-Loong

Art Director: Ching-Shen Chen

Original Music: Foo-Ling Wang

Written by Cheh Chang, Kuang Ni

Produced by Runme Shaw

Directed by Cheh Chang

Reviewed by Lee Broughton

The bandit leaders Long-Armed Devil (Chi-Ching Yang) and Smiling Tiger (Ti Tang) are determined

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