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Exclusive Interview – Filmmaker Geoffrey Wright talks Romper Stomper TV series, Donald Trump, and Roger Corman comparisons

Red Stewart chats with filmmaker Geoffrey Wright

Geoffrey Wright is an Australian filmmaker who has been working in his country’s film and television industry since the 1980s. He is best known for his independent films Romper Stomper and Metal Skin, with the former getting a sequel in the form of a television series of the same name, which Wright was involved with.

Flickering Myth had the privilege to speak with him, and I in turn had the honor to conduct it.

I began by asking Mr. Wright about his intentions behind the original Romper Stomper, which came out in 1992. Not being familiar with the history of Australia, I was interested in learning why he felt he had to make a movie about violence and neo-Nazis.

“Well, back at the time of the movie, we’d probably peaked in terms of social friction or social concerns about a wave

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