‘Barry,’ HBO’s hit man-turned-actor, could sneakily make a killing at the Emmys

Don’t take your eyes off of “Barry.” HBO’s dramedy about an expert hit man who longs to be an actor could make a killing at the Emmys. It aired this past spring to critical acclaim (scoring 83 on MetaCritic), nestled comfortably between “Silicon Valley” and “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday nights, the same time slot that “Veep” occupied when it won the last three Emmys for Best Comedy Series. But “Veep” is out of the running since its production was delayed as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus underwent treatment for cancer. So how many nominations will “Barry” get in its place? And how many will it win?

We’ve polled 18 Expert journalists from top media outlets for their Emmy picks, and eight of them are betting on a nomination for Best Comedy Series: Eric Deggans (NPR), Joyce Eng (Gold Derby), Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood), Robert Rorke (New York Post), Anne Thompson

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