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The week in TV: The Bridge; The Many Primes of Muriel Spark; Conviction: Murder in Suburbia; Snatches

With the brilliant Scandi noir The Bridge about to leave us, a true-crime inquiry showed how elusive satisfying endings are

The Bridge (BBC2) | iPlayer

The Many Primes of Muriel Spark (BBC4) | iPlayer

Conviction: Murder in Suburbia (BBC2) | iPlayer

Snatches (BBC4) | iPlayer

One whole week away from the denouement, and I’ll hardly be alone in already lamenting Saga’s imminent disappearance from our screens. This fourth, I mournfully remind myself, is the last ever series of The Bridge. Meanwhile, someone out there is still making Death in Paradise. If there is a God, he/she/they are possessed of a bitterly skewed sense of humour and actionable taste.

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