It Came From The Tube: It Happened At Lakewood Manor (1977)

Listen I have nothing against ants – rubber tree plants, veracity, etc – but put enough of them together and I get nervous. Radiate them? You get the big ass ones in Them! (1954). Delve into cosmic circumstance and you have the smarty pants overlords of Phase IV (1974). Throw a bunch on the television, make them poisonous and you end up with The Love Boat meets The Towering Inferno goofiness of Robert Scheerer’s It Happened at Lakewood Manor (1977), a pretty silly and damn entertaining TV flick.

Aka Ants! upon rebroadcasting and future home video release, It Happ – screw it; let’s just call it Ants! okay? It’s a more fun and less pretentious title (which this thing is anything but), and to the point. Okay, Ants! originally aired December 2nd as part of The ABC Friday Night Movie, and it’s competition was The Incredible Hulk on CBS, while NBC trotted

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