How Bruce Lee Used Kung Fu to Beat Bigotry (Podcast)

How Bruce Lee Used Kung Fu to Beat Bigotry (Podcast)

Bruce Lee didn’t just face discrimination as a Chinese-American in the lily-white Hollywood of the 1960s. He also had to overcome bigotry against African-Americans, who he was discouraged from taking on as students of kung fu.

Lee’s quest to break down barriers for himself and his African-American students and friends is one focus of our latest “Shoot This Now” podcast, which you can listen to listen on iTunes or here:

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As Matthew Polly, author of the excellent new biography “Bruce Lee: A Life” tells us on the podcast, Lee’s first student of martial arts was an African-American man, Jesse Glover. But some kung fu traditionalists strongly opposed Lee’s teaching kung fu to African-Americans.

Lee’s boss, Ruby Chow, believed he was putting fellow Chinese-Americans in danger, according to Polly’s book. Polly quoted

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