Get Ready Movie fans – Made in Chinatown Is On The Way (2018)

Directors: Art Camacho, Robert Samuels (co-director)

Produced By:

Robert Jefferson – Associate Producer

Shing Ka – Producer

Gine Lui – Producer

Robert Samuels – Producer

Mark V Wiley – Executive Producer

Writer: Mark V. Wiley

Cast: Tony Sirico, Jay Kwon, Tony Darrow, William DeMeo, Raymond J. Barry, Lo Meng, Vincent Pastore, James Lew, Joseph D’Onofrio, Hwang Jang Lee, Robert Samuels.

Made In Chinatown has all the ingredients to make a huge impact when released this November with Directors Art Camacho and Robert Samuels bringing us a film which faces the Chinese gangs against the Italians. The movie is set around the divide between Little Italy and Chinatown, Canal street. Illegal smuggling of herbs and oils make tensions run high between the Chinese and Italians and the end result is a bloody one.

Tony Sirico plays the Don of Dons, Vincenzo Cento from Sicili. A fued between Mob bosses Al Capella (New

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