Red Band Teaser for ‘Assassination Nation’ Issues Trigger Warnings

As The Purge series rounds its fourth outing another film this fall will be taking on a similar concept, although from a specifically female perspective. Assassination Nation, starring Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse, and Abra, and written and directed by Sam Levinson, captures a modern-day Salem witch trial featuring a group of high school girls who become a target by literally everyone in their town. Ahead of a release from Neon, the first red band teaser has arrived.

“‘This is this is the story of how my town, Salem, lost its motherfucking mind,’ says Lily (Odessa Young) in the opening moments of Assassination Nation, a movie so painfully attempting to be of its time that all nuance is thrown out in the window in favor of an assaultive, ultimately muddled attack on the senses. That’s not to say some of Sam Levinson’s go-for-broke coming-of-age-action-thriller-drama-horror isn’t effective,

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