The Reason That Actress in Glow Reminds You of Kate Nash Is Because She's Kate Nash

When you watch the seventh episode in the first season of Netflix's breakout hit, Glow, then you'll likely find yourself hearing a very familiar voice. Rhonda, the bubbly, big-banged British member of the show's all-female wrestling group, comes up with a rap to hype up the crowd during the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's first match with a live studio audience. "Glow, Glow, that's the name; women's wrestling is our game," she chants in the middle of the ring. "If we play rough, please don't blame us; our style is wild, and you know you can't tame us!" If Rhonda's voice gives you a major case of déjà-vu in that scene, might I ask if you're a fan of the 2007 song "Foundations"? Or "Merry Happy"? Because Rhonda (aka Britannica) is actually played by British singer-songwriter Kate Nash!

Since charming the music scene with her debut album in 2007, Made of Bricks

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