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Film Review: We Will Not Die Tonight (2018) by Richard Somes

It is always nice to watch an action/martial arts film that does not hold its punches back, and “We Will Not Die Tonight” does just that, through a violent, dark and “dirty” approach that benefits the category to the fullest.

We Will Not Die Tonight is screening at the 17th New York Asian Film Festival

Kray is a stunt performer whose career is on a downward spiral, since her moves are considered outdated. However, she cannot abandon this line of work, since she has to take care of her ill father, who was also a stuntman. Her financial situation is dire; therefore, when her ex-boyfriend Ramil, arranges a gig for the two of them and the rest of a group of stuntmen, including Jonesky, Rene Boy and Che-che, she agrees to help him, although reluctantly. However, the whole group is shocked to learn that Ramil’s old friend Bangkil

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