Lucid Review – Eiff 2018

Zel (Laurie Calvert) is sleepwalking through life, part-funded by parental handouts and interrupted only occasionally by other people. He has a crush on a neighbour (Felicity Gilbert) and is in conflict with his boss at work, situations that he lacks the confidence or constitution to resolve. When another neighbour, Elliot (Billy Zane), suggests that he use lucid dreaming to rehearse different problem solving scenarios in his sleep, Zel starts to draw strength from his successes in the subconscious. However, when these increasingly vivid extrapolations become indistinguishable from real-life decisions he starts to lose his grip on reality.

Lucid’s production is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least the fact that first-time director Adam Morse is registered blind and has been since his late teens. Despite being left with only peripheral vision, Morse continued to pursue a career in filmmaking, successfully directing his first short in 2014 and winning the

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