Harding Lemay Dead at 96

Daytime Emmy winning writer Harding Lemay died peacefully on May 26. He was 96.

Lemay was born into rural poverty on March 16, 1922, near his mother's St. Regis Mohawk Indian reservation in North Bangor, New York. The fifth of thirteen children, he escaped his parents' alcoholism and his father's suicide by running away to New York City at age 17, finding early refuge at the famous Brace Memorial Newsboys' Home.

The Brace Home gave them a roof, food, and even provided them with job placement so they could earn a salary and improve their lot in life. He worked in a library, returning books to the shelves, and met a librarian who assigned him a classic book a week to read. She would discuss the book with him. This was like having a private tutor. He also worked for a stationer delivering packages. But he was determined to become an actor. As luck would have it,

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