Dysfuction Is the New Normal: Close-Up on "So Long Enthusiasm"

Close-Up is a feature that spotlights films now playing on Mubi. Vladimir Durán's So Long Enthusiasm (2017), which is receiving an exclusive global online premiere on Mubi, is showing from July 5 - August 4, 2018 as a Special Discovery.It’s become almost commonplace to observe that Kafka’s novella Metamorphosis isn’t about an ugly-looking bug, but instead about the inner workings of a family in a time of crisis. When we can’t depend on the support of others, what personal inner resources might we reveal?A similar question drives the Colombian filmmaker Vladimir Durán’s feature debut, So Long Enthusiasm (2017), in which members of a tight-knit family—three sisters in their 20s and an eleven-year-old boy, Axel (Camilo Castiglione)—find themselves cooped up in their apartment in Buenos Aires, with guests and friends coming and going, as their mother, Margarita (Rosario Bléfari) convalesces, locked up in her bedroom.“Dysfunctional

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