Trailer for Hawaii-Set Love Story 'Running for Grace' with Ryan Potter

"I saw the way you were looking at her..." Blue Fox Entertainment has debuted an official trailer for the indie romantic drama Running for Grace, the latest film from David L. Cunningham. Set on Hawaii in the 1920s, the film tells the story of a young mixed-race boy "who transcends the boundaries of race and class in pursuit of a forbidden love". It's a "timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920's Hawaii". The film has previously gone under the title Jo, the Medicine Runner but is now being released as Running for Grace. Ryan Potter stars as Jo, and Olivia Ritchie plays his love interest Grace; the rest of the cast includes Matt Dillon, Jim Caviezel, Juliet Mills, and Nick Boraine. This looks charming, but not particularly good unfortunately. Here's the first official trailer for David L. Cunningham's Running for Grace, direct

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