‘Castle Rock’ Trailer Reveals Stephen King’s Multiverse

After much anticipation, Hulu has finally released a full length trailer for ‘Castle Rock‘. Although we’ve seemingly been hearing about the show for ages, all we really knew about the series was that it would intertwine various stories by acclaimed author Stephen King into a singular narrative. We’ve also seen several teaser trailers for the series, but this full-length trailer offers our first good look at how the narrative will play out is what is being billed as King’s “multiverse”.

The trailer itself is creepy, tense and surprisingly effective. Aside from this, ‘Castle Rock‘ looks to be an absolute easter egg fest. I’m certainly no King aficionado, but apparently the fictional town of Castle Rock has made appearances in a number of the author’s works, including ‘Cujo‘, ‘The Dark Half‘, ‘It‘ as well as numerous short stories like ‘Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption‘. Although

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