The Package Trailer Goes on a Raunchy Mission to Save One Teen's Manhood

Netflix has released the first trailer for The Package. That title may sound innocent and inconspicuous enough, that is, until you realize what's really going on here. For better or for worse, this lowbrow teen comedy may well end up being one of the most talked about releases of the year. Simply put, this movie centers around a teenage boy who winds up literally cutting off his manhood in the woods. Yes, there's a lot more going on but that's very clearly the hook.

This, based on the first Netflix trailer, starts out as your standard, direct-to-dvd type of teen comedy, sort of like several of those American Pie sequels that nobody ever bothered to watch. A group of five young people head deep into the woods so that they can drink, do drugs and not be bothered by the adults who simply wouldn't approve of such behavior. Usually, something

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