Class of 88: Drive-In Dust Offs: Brain Damage (1988)

When I think of cult filmmakers, one of the first names to burst from my brainpan is Frank Henenlotter. From Basket Case (1982) to Bad Biology (2008), his horror films are always loaded with qualities that elude mainstream appeal, such as bizarre humor, over the top gore, and a crazy circus geek aesthetic that almost dares you to look away. Speaking of splattering cranium matter, his second feature length film, Brain Damage (1988) checks off all the Henenboxes and even one more – a trenchant social message about addiction (if you want it).

Produced by Palisades Partners and given a limited release in April, Brain Damage was Henenlotter’s long awaited follow up to Basket Case; well, long awaited at least for horror fans of that legendary micro budget wonder. While the ultra low budget of that gem gave it a unique and gritty charm, Brain Damage’s considerably deeper pockets allowed Henenlotter to

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