A Lost Stanley Kubrick Screenplay Called Burning Secret Has Been Found

For those of you who are fans of Stanley Kubrick, you'll be interested to learn that a lost screenplay for a film called Burning Secret that he was working on has been found. The script was discovered by a British film academic, Nathan Abrams, who was researching the legendary director’s last picture, Eyes Wide Shut. What a crazy cool find!

Kubrick was co-writing the script with Calder Willingham (The Graduate) and it is an adaptation of a 1913 novella by Austrian novelist and playwright Stefan Zweig. Kubrick and Willingham also worked together on 1957 on the anti-war film Paths of Glory, starring Kirk Douglas.

The story for Burning Secret follows "a mother and son on a holiday and a mysterious man who befriends the young boy in an attempt to seduce his mother."

That definitely sounds like a story that Kubrick would want to tell. According to Variety, "It was known

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