Rad First Teaser Trailer for Cult Sci-Fi 'The Fp' Sequel 'Beats of Rage'

"Winning is an addiction, Jtro!" Get ready for a sequel to that cult indie sci-fi film that you didn't see! The first teaser trailer has arrived for Beats of Rage, a sequel to The Fp, a cult sci-fi film about a futuristic world where winning the Dance-Dance-Revolution arcade game is the greatest glory. Jason Trost writes, directs, produces, and stars in this sequel as Jtro, who hung up his boots at the end of The Fp. He's back, however, just like all great 80's post-apocalyptic sequels and must venture into "The Wastes" to train again to defeat a bro known as Ak-47. Jason is solo directing this, separating from his brother Brandon, as the two made the original film together as the Trost Brothers (Brandon is now working as a Dp on other films). The cast of Beats of Rage includes Art Hsu, Mike O'Gorman, Nick Principe, Tallay Wickham, Brandon Barrera,

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