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Refinery29 ‘Money Diaries’ Post Leads to Fight About Who Should Be Paid for Online Work

A dispute over Refinery29’s “Money Diaries” feature, in which people talk about how they get and spend money, sparked an intense Twitter argument Wednesday over who deserves to be paid for such online content.

It all started when Parker Molloy, a senior editor at Upworthy, criticized the latest “Money Diaries” post, in which a college student and marketing intern described how she gets by on $747.50 per week, about $1,100 a month from her family, and babysitting money. Molloy asked whether it might be better for Refinery29 to give “honest accounts of the working poor” instead of highlighting “stories of well-off people without any real financial problems.”

She then asked, “How much did the author get paid for this piece?”

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1. Why the misleading headline? (It’s *still* misleading)

2. Wouldn’t it be better to gave honest accounts of the working poor?

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