Here's The Bone-Chilling Comic-Con Poster For The Predator and Panel Details

Here's the Comic-Con poster for Shane Black's The Predator! As you can see, the face of the predator is made up of the bones of its victims. It's a pretty cool poster design and it was revealed during the big panel for the film at the convention.

During the panel, they showed a couple new clips from the film that both continued to sell me on the movie and get me excited. The first clip was a hilariously comedic scene that had the fans busting up in laughter as the special forces team in the movie are trying to talk Olivia Munn into staying with them to make sure they can keep her safe. As this scene plays out we find that the guys were taking bets on how she would react in certain situations, so when she did or said something that they thought she would do that

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