Comic-Con 2018: Show Floor Highlights Include Life-Size Pennywise Bust, General Mills Cereal Monster Tikis, and More!

Every year at Comic-Con, there are plenty of eye-catching collectibles on the show floor for horror fans to check out, including that one head-turner that stops foot traffic and warrants a longer look. This year, that show-stopper is the life-size Pennywise bust from Cinemaquette's booth, but the dancing clown is also accompanied by tons of other horror and sci-fi collectibles that are featured in a new gallery from Daily Dead's time on the show floor during Comic-Con's Preview Night.

In addition to the Pennywise life-size statue, we have up-close looks at a full-body version of Derry's dancing clown from It (2017), as well as a life-size bust of the Amphibian Man from Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water.

If you prefer to spend your spare time in the Black Lodge, Entertainment Earth has plenty of items for Twin Peaks fans to enjoy, as well as tiki mug depictions of

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