‘Dark Tourist’ Review: Netflix’s Morally Murky Docuseries Takes a Whimsical Look at Global Disasters and Atrocities

Whether a feature or a bug, one of the central aspects of the Netflix documentary series “Somebody Feed Phil” is that host Phil Rosenthal is an unabashed outsider. Going to places he doesn’t understand with an open mind and an open palate, it’s a celebration of global cuisine from the point of view of somebody who is experiencing everything for the first time. It’s an approach that works for that show, but it’s strange to see that same humor and surface-level fascination in service of something with far more dramatic weight than a snack from a street vendor.

David Farrier’s new series “Dark Tourist” takes a broad categorization of unconventional global tourist destinations and approaches them with the same voyeuristic tone and format, treating a whole host of global oddities as a set of minor curiosities. The result is a slippery documentary exercise that never

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