Coming To America: BAFTA La Expands Newcomers Program To International Talent & Biz

BAFTA La is expanding its longstanding Newcomers Program for Brit arrivals in the city to include talent and industry professionals from international territories.

In its first year of expansion the support program will welcome professionals from Poland, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Korea, France, Turkey and Hong Kong. A full list of participants can be found below.

Each participant receives access to BAFTA membership events and initiatives aimed at supporting career development and the transition to living and working in the U.S.

This year’s 55 participants include 19 actors, 15 directors, nine producers, three screenwriters, two art directors, two executives, two composers, one cinematographer, one production designer, one agent and one publicist.

“As BAFTA extends its helping hand globally, we are thrilled that after 10 successful years supporting British talent in Los Angeles, the Newcomers Program now expands to include international talent,” said New Talent Committee Chairs, Sandro Monetti and Peter Morris.

“As our industry becomes increasingly global,

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