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Twin Galaxies Aims to Be Arbiter of Not Just High Scores But Competitive Gaming

To a certain strata of die-hard old-timers who fondly remember the arcade days of yore, when dimly-lit bars darkened by the constant swirl of smoke housed all the latest and greatest flashing amusements, and drunken arguments were settled by the quarter, the name “Twin Galaxies” exudes a kind of faded authority, a promise of a universal video game scoreboard that was never quite fulfilled, at least in its original conception.

But now, under new management led by industry veteran Jace Hall, the organization has shifted its score dispute process from a single referee to the hordes of arcade enthusiasts, jettisoning suspect records held by the likes of hot-sauce slinging “King of Kong” Billy Mitchell in the process. With that behind them, Twin Galaxies now seeks to establish itself as not only the ur-scoreboard for the dusty cabinets at your local barcade, but the destination for all of competitive gaming, from “Angry Birds” on up.

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