Colony: Sergio Osuna on the End of Colony, the Future of Humanity, and More

Colony has come to an untimely end. We hope another network picks up the story because Colony is an excellent show with an amazing cast. There is a lot more story to tell! 

TV Fanatic had the opportunity to talk with one of those fantastic cast members, Sergio Osuna (Glen), and chat about the Colony finale.

He had some interesting things to say about his time as Glen, his hopes for the future of the story, and how he thinks Colony would've played out.

Read on to see what he has to say.

Why did Glen decide to side with Snyder? Was that just self-preservation?

Yeah, I think in episode 11, when Snyder shows up asking for more information and Glen's help, I think that he made a decision. When Snyder says you're not working for Kynes, you're working for me. That was the breaking point where he makes the decision that,

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