What Happened to Patrick Drake on General Hospital

It’s been a while since fans have seen Patrick Drake on General Hospital, but he’s still remembered by viewers… and the characters on the show! The doctor was introduced back in December of 2005 when Jason Thompson joined the cast of Gh, although he wasn’t the only actor to play the role. For a week in 2008, Ethan Erickson stepped in as a temporary replacement when Thompson had to have minor surgery! Unfortunately, Patrick left Port Charles when Thompson left Gh in 2016, but while the doctor may be gone, he’s certainly not forgotten! Dr. Patrick Drake is the son of Noah and Mattie Drake, and first came to Port Charles when Robin Scorpio sought him out to perform surgery on Jason Morgan after Noah was unable to do it. When he was introduced, Patrick was an arrogant doctor with a womanizing streak, and he even had a fling with Carly!

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