Shooter Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Lines Crossed

What we're not going to do is watch anyone harm a hair on Nadine Memphis' head. 

Our girl found herself in her most dangerous situation yet on Shooter Season 3 Episode 6, and now the Swagger Squad is going to need to pull off the impossible to Free Nadine, or for that matter, save her.

It's safe to say Atlas has their hands on her now, and they'll kill her eventually. 

Shooter is throwing so many things at us, and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, but for the most part, it's entertaining as all hell. There was a lot to process on the Earl front, and Bob Lee's time spent with the ever elusive Guiterrez was informative and disheartening all at once. 

First off, how delightful was it that Tony Plana guest-starred as Guiterrez? He's such a fantastic actor whether he's playing a good guy or a bad one. There are a

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