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'Magnum, P.I.' Premieres Tonight — Here's Your Chance to Meet Actor Jay Hernandez

There's no question that there will be a lot of people watching Magnum, P.I. pretty closely when it premires on the evening of Sept. 24, and more than a few of them are likely to be skeptical. Which is not really surprising when you consider how beloved the original Tom Selleck version was during its 1980 to 1988 run. And if anyone understands that particular pressure facing everyone involved, it's actor Jay Hernandez who has assumed the Thomas Magnum character from his predecessor. (Photo Credit: CBS) "It's really kind of surreal," Jay laughs during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. "I watched an episode of the original Magnum, P.I. probably a month or two before I started shooting. It was a scene where he's in a surf skin in the bay in Hawaii, and two months later I find myself doing that very same thing. But when I was watching the original episode,

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