King of Cool vs. King of Kung Fu: The Steve McQueen-Bruce Lee Rivalry (Exclusive)

Like most things, pop culture icons usually have a shelf life, but in Hollywood, there are exceptions. The legend surrounding some actors have gone far beyond their lives and careers, capturing the imagination of generations of movie fans that, in some ways, defies logical explanation. Yet here they are, constantly being discovered by a new audience who ensure that their names will live on. Two of them are Steve McQueen, known as the King of Cool, and Bruce Lee, undisputed master of the martial arts. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) McQueen's credits include films like The Great Escape, Bullitt, The Getaway, and Papillon, while Lee made his name in kung fu films from his native Hong Kong such as The Chinese Connection and The Big Boss, before exploding in America in his first and (sadly) only studio release, Enter the Dragon. Both men had to overcome seemingly impossible odds — McQueen a seriously abusive childhood,

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