The Flash Season 5 Will Introduce Another Lgbt Character

Considering how expansive The CW’s DC TV lineup has gotten in recent years, it comes as no surprise that varying ethnicities, religions and orientations be represented. In fact, the third of those just mentioned will be touched upon rather generously in the coming year because, don’t forget, a lesbian hero in the form of Batwoman will be introduced in the next major crossover event before being awarded her own series. Not only that, but John Constantine’s bisexuality will be explored over on Legends of Tomorrow, with a transgender crimefighter, Dreamer, set to debut on Supergirl.

When it comes to The Flash, though, Patrick Sabongui’s David Singh and Wentworth Miller’s Citizen Cold will soon be two among several (and probably counting) Lgbt folks to either call Central City home or roll through town.

You see, according to, it was vaguely revealed at the show

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