The Addiction (1995) – The Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

Abel Ferrara has always existed on the fringe of filmmaking. The themes he tackles, the controversial content of his films, and his New York City attitude all help in keeping him on those fringes. Even when he attempted to cross over in the early 90’s to bigger-budgeted Hollywood films–with limited success– it wasn’t long until he again embraced the outsider attitude and moved right back into making no-budget films. The Addiction is a case in point. Shot for around $500,000, most of the cast and crew were employed for delayed compensation, a big gamble considering the typical earning potential of an Abel Ferrara film. But one doesn’t work with Ferrara for a big payday. One works with Ferrara because one appreciates pure cinema, the authenticity of Ferrara, and his guerrilla-style filmmaking. After dabbling with the Hollywood elite, The Addiction was a breath of fresh air for Ferrara,

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