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Chloé Robichaud Introduces Her Film "Boundaries"

Chloé Robichaud's Boundaries (2016) is exclusively showing July 31 – August 30, 2018 on Mubi in most countries in the world as part of the series Canada's Next Generation.Politics use to be a men-only territory, but women are now sharing a piece of it. Statistics, however, show that there are still less women than men who chose the political path. It is this rarity that first drew me to these women characters. Furthermore, I was interested by the fact that women, taken by the heavy tasks inherent to the profession of mediator or politician, must revisit the classic family stereotype, only recently deconstructed. And it is precisely this deconstruction of pre-established ideals that challenges and interests me in my work. The idea quickly imposed itself on me because of my interest for politics, and politicians. I must be gaining in maturity and I position myself more strongly as a woman, citizen and film director.

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