The Complete Sartana – The Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

With the huge popularity of the Leone-Eastwood spaghetti westerns featuring Eastwood’s iconic The Man with No Name character, it was inevitable that other characters would be rolled out to cash in on the craze. Django, Trinity, Ringo, and Sabata all had series of their own. But perhaps the most popular spaghetti western character after The Man with No Name is Sartana.

And, much like Django, there were both official and unofficial sequels to the Sartana films. These unofficial “sequels” bore no real resemblance to the original Sartana films other than tacking the name Sartana onto the title in an effort to cash in on the popularity of the character. Arrow is now releasing, in one complete, deluxe box set the five official films in the Sartana series.

The basis of the Sartana character actually derives from a completely different spaghetti western that had huge box

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